Zirconium Implants


The pioneering, sophisticated ceramic implant system made in Switzerland by dentalpoint implants is now available in London Harley Street at The Ella Clinic


Healthy and beautiful teeth – For your health and joy of life.

Healthy and beautiful teeth are not only a natural jewel, but also look very attractive and signalise well being and success.

ZERAMEX®T – Keep your brightest and most natural smile.

Successful people place highest demands on dental aesthetics and functionality. Single or multiple teeth can be replaced with ZERAMEX implants. ZERAMEX is completely geared towards nature. It takes its cue from nature. It is white as a natural tooth and guarantees aesthetically and cosmetically perfect results.

ZERAMEX®T – the natural alternative to titanium.

ZERAMEX implants are manufactured out of high tech ceramic. Zirconium is an element commonly found in the Earth’s crust. The properties of ceramic material zirconium oxide are comparable with a natural tooth and have extraordinary biocompatibility.