The Ceramic Implant, Natural Aesthetics

Zirconium Implants the most natural way to restore missing teeth.


The human desire is restoring dental function after the loss of teeth, Zeramex ceramic system restores the natural condition.  It is white metal free made of natural zirconium dioxide biocompatible high tech ceramic.   The surface allows for beautiful healthy gums, no visible titanium edges in case of gum recession no shimmering through the gums. Its two stage system as seen on the image allows for best patient care and comfort in the healing time.  That means less risk of gum disease in the future.  Zirkonium is offering the benefit of less plaque adhesion, it means that fromthe hygiene point less plaque is building up which reduces the risk of infection in a way that titanium does not.

Now the implant is being offered at our London Harley Street Clinic,  we are glad to be able to give our patient the best natural aesthetic solution


No metal induced side effects

No reactions with other materials

No infections

Long term individual results


Studies were done at the University of Berne by world renown Prof Dr.D.Buser Head of the dept University of Geneva by Prof Dr.A.Mombelli with the Swiss Implant Foundations in cooperation with SGI, SSOS SSP, SSRD.