“Thank you so much for your excellent work! You were very calming and explaining what you were doing as you did it helped me to cope with my anxiety.  Amazing service that I would recommend to anyone.” W.Q.Testimonials

“Thank you. Goran, the new crowns make such a difference! Regarding the laser treatment, I felt no pain in spite of extensive treatment, and there were no after effects later on, which is unusual for me. I can totally recommend laser treatment, brilliant!”  R.F.

“A great combination between dentistry and a holistic treatment.  I had three fillings done in a very noninvasive, gentle soothing approach, every step was explained, a very pleasant experience overall. Thank you”  R.Y.A.

“Thank you Goran-no injection-no pain!” M.C.

“I found Dr Stojanovic and all the staff very professional and friendly and I would recommend them to my family and friends. Thank You” F.

“I have always found all the staff at the Ella Clinic to be of the highest professional standard.” T.H.

“I hate going to the dentist but the experience here is very positive and professional. Very friendly too.” M.J.F         p.s. “will come again”

“The most pleasant dental hygienist I have ever experienced!!!”

“I like Goran; I like the Ella Clinic.  I like the holistic approach;  I like Goran’s tenacity; I like Goran’s thoroughness. I like the staff – all of them! Richard Ford

“Goran is a superstar at getting teeth out; my tooth feels so much better now. :)  Thank you Goran”  love Natascha xx

“This was the first time I had a wonderful experience in Dentistry at the Ella. Thank you so much Goran! I will be in touch. Lots of Love” MaraK

“I am very happy with your gentle touch Goran, even having the injection is not too bad.  You do a great job, and I will for sure recommend you to my friends.  Warmest”   Eva S.

“I was pleased to have the safe mercury removal explained in such detail, it was easier to make up my mind and carry on with the treatment.  I feel much better now that I have the heavy metals out of my mouth and soon out of my system.  All the best to the Dr Goran Stojanovic and the whole team at the Ella clinic.”   G.D.