Root Canal Therapy

Root canal treatment becomes necessary when the patient either has a trauma, or the decay went to close to the pulp or it is a leason that is a combination from periodontal and endodontic side. 

The root canal therapy is in most cases the last option to save a tooth.  For the treatment the nerve of the tooth is removed and it is filled again with a root filling.   When we do the root canal treatment we open the tooth get the access done and prepare the canals mechanically to widen it for the second stage.  This is happen with a Morita root zx which measures at the same time the canal length and offers great precision.  

Once the canals are prepared we use two Laser system for the cleaning and disinfection,  from the Master studies that I have done at the University in Aachen we have done the research to find that the bacteria is best removed with the combination of both wavelengths.   The first Laser which is ErCrYSGG from Biolase cleans an flushes out the canal system in cleans out the very complex root system to leave a very clean surface.  It does at the same time remove the bacteria from the walls and in side the tubules.iPlus ErCrYSGG, biolase

 The second laser after the tubules are open and accessible reaches far in to the canal system an irradiate and kills the bacteria.  It is a 940 nm diode Laser that is according the the current studies one of the best choices for disinfection of the canal.  If the Laser would be used without the first one then the surface of the canal walls would absorb most of the light and not let it penetrate 10 times further then normal irrigation does.  

Diode Laser 940nm biolase

After the mechanical cleaning and the Laser disinfection we fill the canal with Smart Paste Bio and biocompatible root filling material which offers a natural solution for the tooth and surrounding tissue. 

We do understand that root canals have a lot of bacteria in the canals if done conventional without and even with the laser treatment there is not a guarantee for up to 99% of bacterial reduction.   Studies have shown and are being presented at the World Laser conference in Barcelona that 75% of all the theeth that are root canal treated still have pathological bacteria,  connections were made that this bacteria can cause focal infections and affect other parts of the body.   To determine whether your tooth might leak toxins we use a test from Germany/Switzerland called Orotox that helps determine if the tooth is affected by toxins.

It is important for the patient to understand what the options are and to be able to make in informed decision.  We do our best to find the best possible treatment plan for each patient.   

The alternatives are plates or dentures, or bridges or implants where we use the metal free system from Zeramex made from Zirconium. 

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