Risks of periodontal disease

Are you at risk and what are the risks of periodontal disease.

Dentistry is moving towards prevention more and more.  But periodontal disease is many times not diagnosed and treated.   The risks of periodontal disease not being properly treated are…

– Bleeding of the gums

– Bad breath

– Loss of teeth

– systemic problems, bacteria spreading in the bloodstream

– big financial costs for replacing of lost teeth with either bridges or implants or dentures

Are you at risk contributing to the disease,  do you smoke or drink a lot, is your nutrition supporting your immune system rather then causing more stress.  The sooner you address the problems the less issues you will  have to solve in the future.  Think ahead with your treatment.  We would like to find a solution with our whole team that will help you move forward in life and support you quality of life.  The least invasive way to treat is a combination of Lasers with the classical cleaning of the root surface.  The Laser offers a full mouth disinfection.