Mercury Removal

The safe mercury removal is paramount and every care is taken to ensure the patient is as protected as possible during the removal process. The surgery has the state of the air filtering system installed from IQ-Air made in Switzerland as well as a negative ion generator. This is to ensure the quality of the air in the surgery is optimal.

It is important to keep the fillings as cool as possible to reduce mercury vapour so high speed suction and a lot of water are used during removal.
The Swedish clean up system and/or rubber dam is isolating the tooth from the rest of the mouth is used to remove any fumes as quickly as possible. In addition the patient is given to hold an extractor vacuum pipe which aids the removal of mercury vapour from the operative field.

Provision of a nose piece allows the patient to breathe the medical quality air being pumped into the room and not any possible fumes that may be produced during the mercury removal.  The patient is wearing goggles and the face is covered with an additional cover to protect the skin from being exposed.

The idea behind holistic dental treatment is more the just drilling the tooth.  The protocol begins before the patient starts their treatment. As a patient you are responsible for your own health and things like life style management will need to be assessed.

Do you have the right balance between rest and exercise?
Do you have a balance diet?
Are you dehydrated?
What can you do to avoid your exposure to toxins?

Optimally in order for you body to function it has to have sufficient biological molecules (nutrients) in the correct proportions. Heavy metals and other toxins disrupt the levels and proportional values of these molecules. They also disrupt enzyme pathways necessary for the body to maintain homeostasis (your body’s ability to maintain itself in balance). Therefore the body needs to be supplemented with adequate amino acids, minerals and vitamins.

At the Ella Clinic we integrate different practitioners to give you an optimised treatment plan