Safe Mercury Removal

The safe removal of mercury fillings is paramount and every care is taken to ensure the patient is as protected as possible during the removal process. Our aim is to protect the patient as well as our team from additional exposure to mercury. The surgery is equipped with the newest technology air filtration system the IQ Air  as well as a negative ion generator. This is to ensure the quality of the air in the surgery is optimal.

IQ Air filtration, purifier
IQ Air filtration, purifier

It is important to keep the fillings as cool as possible to reduce mercury vapour so high speed suction and additional  water are used during removal. When drilling, the filling is sectioned into chunks and elevated where possible to reduce the vapour build up.
The Swedish clean up system and/or rubber dam is used to limit the exposure of vapour and mercury particles.
The Swedish clean up system allows each tooth to be isolated individually. Any additional mercury vapour is sucked up by the extractor fan that is in front of the patient.

Provision of a nose piece allows the patient to breathe the medical quality air being pumped into the room and not any possible fumes that may be produced during the mercury removal.

The protocol begins before the patient starts their treatment.  We are offering a variety of tests that help us determine how much your body is influenced by mercury what measures need to be taken to ensure the best treatment outcome for you. Every patient is looked at as an individual case. It is hard to subscribe one protocol for all the patients. As a patient you are responsible for your own health and things such as life style management will need to be assessed.  Charcoal and Chlorella are given to the patient pre treatment.  A selenium mouthwash is given to the patient as it helps to bind metal ions.

Do you have the right balance between rest and exercise?
Do you have a balances diet?
Are you dehydrated?
What can you do to avoid your exposure to toxins?

safe mercury removal
safe mercury removal

Ideally in order for you body to function it has to have sufficient biological molecules (nutrients) in the correct proportions. Heavy metals and other toxins disrupt the levels and proportional values of these molecules. They also disrupt enzyme pathway necessary for the body to maintain homeostasis (your body’s ability to maintain itself in balance). Therefore the body needs to be supplemented with adequate amino acids, minerals and vitamins. As the GALT (Gout associated lymphoid tissue) makes up about 70% of your immune systems probiotics and spirulina, etc. may be prescribed.

as post extraction care one of the options available is an oral detox protocol that supports the body in its detox process.  Every care should be taken to eliminate heave metals from our tissue. At the Ella clinic we work together with a team of experts to introduce a detox protocol that is suited to your needs, you can find more information on or call the team of Dr Rajendra Sharma to find out more.

once the filling is removed we replace it with a composite filling which is biocompatible from Voco, Diamond Lite or Voco Admira ormocer basis.  We are always looking for new materials which release less BPA or which are BPA free such as GCP Glass Fill from GCP dental.