Paul Lennard

Paul Lennard
Paul Lennard

Paul Lennard

Paul is an energy therapist. Depending on the individual needs of each client, he will combine his own unique type of therapy, with deep tissue massage. Cranio-sacral therapy and Chi Nei Tsang (a deep inner organ massage aimed at “clearing” old emotional and physical traumas from the body.)

Paul’s therapy works on every level: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These aspects of a person are so intricately intertwined and connected that an emotional problem from long ago can be the cause of a physical problem today. The mental aspect of this problem could be holding someone back from achieving their potential.

Paul can sense people’s energy fields and can often “see” events in a person’s life that have led to a physical manifestation of a certain problem. Sometimes these events have been nearly wiped from the conscious, but are having profound effects upon the person.

Unconsciously the body can be holding onto the memory of something that may have happened to the person during childhood. This is because the unconscious has no concept of time.

During a treatment Paul will often pin point the problem and release it from where the unconscious is literally “plugged in” to an event or feeling that may have happened years before.

This “unplugging” will have a domino effect on both an emotional and physical level, releasing issues that had been effecting the person unknowingly to affect the present moment.

Paul has had success with his therapy in treating many different types of illness, often life threatening, whether physical, emotional, mental or spiritual. There is nothing to stop you from achieving total well-being except your conscious mind! Give yourself permission to let go and anything is possible…

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