Dr Goran D. Stojanovic

Dr. Goran D. Stojanovic
BDS, Med.Dent. [GER]


Biological dentist
Dr Goran Stojanovic

I qualified at the Eberhard Karls University of Tuebingen Germany as a general dental practitioner and completed my training at the dental university clinic in Tuebingen. I have since worked in Aachen in a private practice with a colleague with whom I still closely collaborate and have worked in the UK for six years, most recently in Windsor, Berkshire. Having begun my dental career in Germany, an integrated approach became second nature from the very beginning. The understanding that the initial stage of the digestive system takes place in our oral cavity, the mouth, emphasises the importance of treating not just the tooth as a single unit but the mouth as part of the whole body. I have been interested in healthy living and general physical fitness from my teenage years and I have been an avid sports player ever since. In time I learned more about nutrition, physical therapy and other elements of well-being including the eight laws of health* and gained a wider perspective. Based on that knowledge and experience, I use an integrated approach and treat the patient as a whole, focusing on the dental need in the larger context of the person’s overall well-being.

I am continuously attending conferences and courses with the IAOMT( the leading academy in holistic mercury free dentistiry), the BSEM(british society for ecological medicine), the MELISA foundation,the London cranio-sacral chapter and many others that help to improve the fast changing field of holistic dentistry and medicine.

I am currently completing my masters for continuos education in the field of Lasers in dentistry at the renowned University of Aachen. The ever changing field of dentistry is taking us to unexpected areas of research.  I am teaching for the AALZ in the UK and have been speaking at the WALED conference for Laser education. 

I work closely together with other doctors, physiotherapists, naturopaths, nutritionists and holistically oriented clinics that complement my work. We have integrated a variety of practitioners at our clinic for your need and convenience.

*Nutrition, Exercise, Water, Sunshine, Temperance (Balance), Air, Rest and Trust.                                                                             I believe in better if not the best.