Dr Rajendra Sharma

Dr Rajendra Shar


Dr Sharma’s techniques of diagnosis and treatment are a unique blend emergent from his broad knowledge of diagnostic systems and Complementary therapies. His procedures for screening and his general health advice are a combination of many disciplines which he uses in conjunction with accepted orthodox procedures. He has a strong understanding of the psycho-spiritual aspects of ill health and combines physical and psychological advice in his consultations. 

He is a Member of the Faculty of Homeopathy and is a Peer Review Board Member for the London Anti-Ageing conferences held each year. 

Dr Sharma has been the Medical Director of The Diagnostic Clinic and The Hale Clinic, London. 

His book, The Family Encyclopaedia of Health, explains complementary and orthodox medical treatments for both common and serious illnesses and a book on Anti-Aging and optimizing health is planned for release in 2013. 

He has lectured widely and appeared on many TV programs and had a 10 year bi-monthly slot with BBC radio. 

Dr Sharma’s new book ‘Live Longer, Live Younger’ has been published in January 2014 in the UK and March 2014 in the USA.  

He is working on a special detix program for heavy metal removal. You can find more information at www.amalgon.com