Energy Therapy


 How it works

Paul Lennard applies his own unique combination of deep tissue massagecraniosacral therapyChi Nei Tsang to clear old traumas that are showing up as current health problems in the mind and body. The therapy works on every level: the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. These aspects are so intricately intertwined and connected that a physical problem may have its roots in an emotional difficulty – even a historical one.

In energy work, Paul ‘tunes in’ to the client’s emotional history, clearing trauma that is stored at a cellular level. He can sense people’s energy fields and can often ‘see’ where the body is unconsciously ‘holding’ the memory of an event or feeling which is still manifesting physically, sometimes to ill effect. During treatment Paul targets places where any such memory is ‘held’ and releases it, in the process easing the connected problem. This has beneficial and often far-reaching effects – anything from making someone feel more cheerful to avoiding major surgery (see

Once the underlying issues and emotional and physical traumas have been cleared, the client will bounce out of his treatment room. Well, they may not quite bounce – but mostly they go on to realise their full potential.