Brain mapping and personalised medicine

Brain-imaging technology to help your body & mind self-regulate and attain optimal function

The Ella Clinic as in integrated medical centre offers a combination of brain imaging, biofeedback, neurofeedback,neuropsychological, coaching and counseling techniques to investigate the
causes of your condition. Instead of relying on the traditional classification
of symptoms and the one-size fits all approach of medication, we use the
latest imaging technology available to identify specific brain areas that may
need treatment. Defined by rigorous scientific standards, this emerging
methodology is also known as personalised medicine.

Personalised medicine
The safety and efficacy of our treatments relies on the combined assessment
of your nervous system, brainwave patterns, psychological profile and
everyday life circumstances. This information is key to inform the design of
personalised treatment protocols that are unique to your condition. During this
process you will learn how to modify your brainwave patterns and take control
over your health outcomes.

Conditions treated
Some of the conditions we treat include Depression, Anxiety, ADHD,
Addictions, OCD, Trauma and PTSD, Stroke, Autism, Epilepsy, Early
Dementia, Traumatic Brain Injury, Insomnia, Irritable Bowel Syndrome and
Hypertension. All our techniques are safe, non-invasive, have been approved
by Ethics panels in the UK and abroad, and can be used with children and

Taking control
You will be at the heart of the latest developments in the Neuroscience of
Neuromodulation and their application to the fields of Clinical Psychology,
developmental disorders, education, sports, creativity and peak-performance.
We can help you by creating a neurophysiological window of opportunity for

change towards enhanced cognitive and emotional balance. We are also
proud to have built an environment that offers a personalised approach to
rehabilitation in partnership with our clients. If you are willing to take control
over your health and expand your self-awareness, we are the place you have
been searching for.

For further info contact The Ella Clinic 106 Harley Street